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Framing Ideas

Something that I have been doing more of is framing white boards within office spaces. I feel that it captures the white board space as a creative area where some of the best ideas come together. A lot of the time the ideas are brought […]

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Skout’s Shout Out

Working with Skout Media during one of my latest shows at Cafe Estelle was an awesome experience. They gave me full reign to do what ever what I wanted with the show and gave me the opportunity to create a large window installation to separate […]

Sean Martorana Paints the Weather for an Interactive App

From Philly Side Arts: Weatherwise is an app for iphone and android that gives users a unique way to interact and view the current and forecasted weather. Local Wisdom, the app’s creator, wanted to build their themes by focusing on local artist talent to display […]

Using Indy Hall as My Interior Experiment

I have used Indy Hall multiple times as a way to test certain styles, treatments and overall design. I didn’t want to do the same pillar twice or in the same style. I wanted to hear the reaction of each one. I like to hear […]

QBBQ Window Installation

Painting the windows at QBBQ did not just transform the restaurant’s facade, but it played with the sunlight to create moving images that changed throughout the day. Shadows lined the door, tables, and patrons, blanketing the entire restaurant in the artistic experience.

Window Painting Timelapse at Cafe Estelle

A time lapse of me window painting and installation for my show at Cafe Estelle. The video was shot and produced by Skout Media. Flyer is below.


I will be live painting at this event on Sunday. It is my first time with these guys but sounds like a fantastic event with 27 artists!! I look forward to it and hope to see you there. From Battle of the Canvas: Battle of […]