Visual artist. Designer by trade, artist by nature, painter by passion, collaborator by desire, creative by DNA.

Spectator of life through a lens. Dresser of t-shirtless torsos, bijoux-less bodies.
Decorator of people, decorator of places. Enhancer of lifestyles.

Former business owner. Brand designer, marketing maker, identity describer.

Shown in galleries, featured in publications, commissioned by passionate individuals.
Collaborator with like-minded forces of awesome.

Live to create. Create to inspire. Constantly explore. Become versatility.
Draw life blood and humility through outside appreciation.
Job always well done, because there is no other way.

Life without art is none at all, and I intend on a long, long life.

Sean Martorana is a 2001 graduate in graphic design from The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Upon his graduation, Sean was immediately hired at a print shop where he helped customer with small design jobs. While doing so, Sean expanded the services of the print shop to include full-fledged brand development and marketing. Following the next logical step, Sean (with financial and business backing from the shop’s owner) branched off and founded the visual design, marketing and communications firm THE_STUDiO.

After over 6 years of successfully running THE_STUDiO, Sean left to begin building his own artistic and designer brand. Aside from his own line of paintings, designs, prints, and clothing/accessories, Sean has been collaborating with other artists and companies to develop designs in interior décor, clothing, jewelry, watches and other accessories. Sean has been featured in large media outlets for his innovation in art and design, including pieces created by sourcing social media for fan input.

“It’s a full collaboration between the designer and the interactivity of the consumer. The consumer brings that final brush stroke to any design by wearing it, living with it and making it a part of their lives.”

His work has been shown in galleries, featured in national publications and commissioned by passionate individuals. Sean thrives on partnering with like-minded artists and designers. He is engaged by the cross-pollination of print media, fashion, architecture, interiors and homes. Building a company at +HE S+UDIO, he is constantly exploring and finding new way to expand his versatility and enhance his work. One cannot help but be moved by his aggressive symbolism and iconic imagery.