“…continuously otherworldly levels of output.”
Joanna Leigh SimonsSkout Media

“He’s the do-it-all artist you can’t possibly keep up with.”
– Parker Whitney, for Geek of the Week article in Geekadelphia

“…a mixture of tribal and graffiti with a little hint of rock n ‘roll.”
Nicole Patterson for Fine Living Lancaster article The Business of Art

“His symbolist style and iconic imagery can be found on mediums ranging from paintings to fashion accessories while constantly collaborating with other artists.”
Marilyn S. D’Angelo, Philly2Nite

“From the murky depths of NoLibs, the intrepid artist behind T_S creates thick, jagged line-art renditions of people’s favorite animals, which he sketches from memory”
Thrillist: Best of Shop 2010

“One cannot help but be moved by his aggressive symbolism and iconic imagery.”
“He uses strategic lines to create movement and energy around the symbolism and to evoke an emotional response.”
The Athenaeum of Philadelphia