The art and designs of Sean Martorana
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Kubist King

As the appointed Interior Designer of the co-working space IndyHall in Philadelphia, one of the projects that I have created is painting each of the […]


If you are interested in an original painting please don’t hesitate to contact me here. Some of these paintings can be found as high quality, […]

Punk Delusions of the Insane Delinquent

Doing photoshoots with my sister, Alyson Martorana, comes naturally and easily. We both are always on the same page and considering she is a creative […]

Handbag Photogshoot w/ Lauren Maggio

This is a photog-shoot we did with Lauren Maggio modeling hand painted/ hand dyed handbags by Sean Martorana and Wil Concepcion. Some of the handbags […]

Hand-Dyed Hand-Painted Handbags

With a desire and passion to create products that people can use in their everyday lives, I decided to take the act of painting and […]

Paper Paintings for Little Berlin Art Dash

Painted on flip chart paper using watercolor and ink, these paper paintings were donated to Little Berlin for their Art Dash Fundraiser.