Indy Hall Locker Upgrade

Along with the Whiteboard Frames, building a jungle and the Giant Lion Mural I have been thinking of giving the lockers at Indy Hall a color upgrade. I need to do this in a way that won’t bring too much to the visual atmosphere or disturb the belongings in the lockers. So I was thinking of spraying the locker doors individually so I can do just one at a time if needed. I do not to pick too masculine colors but keep with the already established colors of the space. What do you think of this initial color scheme?

The Lockers now:

First attempt at a new color scheme:

From Comments on the color scheme above I decided to add a black only option. Classier? Less distracting? Let me know your thoughts.

  • have you considered spraying a mural onto the lot?

  • @twitter-8082562:disqus With the lockers already occupied I have to do them the doors individually so I can tape off areas that aren’t supposed to painted AND not spray or paint on the contents inside the lockers. A thought is if we paint them black, we can draw on them with colored paint markers. Not necessarily me, but anybody.

  • The lockers which has been given at Indy Hall a color upgrade are looking so cool and safe specially to me. According to my information these come in different shapes and styles that are intended for particular uses.