Indy Hall Murals and Interior Design/Curation

When I started working with the community Indy Hall, it was one color walls and the only character of the place was it’s pre-existing architecture and vintage lockers for members personal belongings. Co-founder, Alex Hillman, approached me and basically said, “…feel free to add your touch to this space.” Immediately I started adding color, shape and form to the walls with murals and transparent barriers to the conference room windows. The response has been overwhelming. I have heard things from “Thank you so much for giving me daily inspiration with your artwork” to “…this place now feels ‘lived in’.”

This was the beginning of bringing the philosophy of art and interior design to any space having a direct positive effect on the people that occupy it. It can inspire people and make them happier and more productive daily.

As IndyHall serves an ever-changing and evolving community, I was given artistic license to transform the space in to an ever changing gallery of art. Future designs include more murals, sculptures, lighting and foliage installations as well.

I can do this for your office and home as well. Download the package here (PDF).

Some before pictures of Indy Hall. Some are as they are moving in. (Photos taken from flickr)

After and in-progress pictures.

Indy Hall spread picture from the November 2011 issue of Philadelphia Magazine. Read the article here.
Photo by: Ben Leuner.

The Kubist King by: Sean Martorana from Sean Martorana on Vimeo.