Sean Martorana Paints the Weather for an Interactive App

From Philly Side Arts:

Weatherwise is an app for iphone and android that gives users a unique way to interact and view the current and forecasted weather. Local Wisdom, the app’s creator, wanted to build their themes by focusing on local artist talent to display the weather in an experience unlike any other before. They asked Sean Martorana to be one of the first to help develop the process and create a custom theme for Weatherwise.

Sean’s approach was a little bit different than the other very technically designed themes. “I wanted to go in a different direction than the the existing (and very well done) computer-generated themes.” Weatherwise’s original themes include a 8bit RPG inspired theme, a robot in a garden, and personas that change according to the weather. “I took a more hand-painted approach with my theme. I literally painted each element separately, cut out the elements, and reassembled them in different ways based on the different atmospheres.”

Even when the weather is not that nice outside, it still can look good on your phone. You can download the theme for free here: and then cruise and install the themes through the app itself.

Watercolor Atmospheres by: Sean Martorana from Sean Martorana on Vimeo.