Skout’s Shout Out

Working with Skout Media during one of my latest shows at Cafe Estelle was an awesome experience. They gave me full reign to do what ever what I wanted with the show and gave me the opportunity to create a large window installation to separate the restaurant from the stark hotel lobby. They also had this extremely nice thing to say about me:

“When we approached Sean about participating in our monthly art exhibition, we knew he would deliver fabulous, dynamic artwork to hang, being familiar with his prolific work from around Indy Hall. What exceeded our expectations were his eagerness to do something unique for the show, creating an entire series of drawings in a new, experimental style. He also created one of his window paintings for the space, and poured tons of energy into making something impressive, meticulous, and beautiful. He also created promotional materials for the show that were works of art in themselves! Sean is always creating and devising ways to add more art into the world around him. As well as aesthetics, he is extremely dedicated to craftsmanship. Nothing lazy, nothing sloppy. He takes immense pride in his work and is honored to be able to share it with others. The honor was ours.”

Skout Media