The Process of Designing a Whiteboard/ Chalkboard Frame

I was given this idea by one of the members of the software company, DMG CTRL. Instead of his projection screen just floating on a wall, he wanted to paint a frame around it so it had it’s own space when it was turned on. It’s own space and looking good at the same time. I thought this was a great idea and could be put to many different situations including the white boards that line the walls of offices and creative spaces. This white board frame could create the feeling that ideas and brainstorms put down on a white board would become works of art themselves.

So to start, I sketched out some quick ideas of what one could look like. In this case an ornate floral design. Since frames are usually symmetrical, I only sketched out one half of the frame.

I then took the idea and photoshopped it onto the wall itself to make sure I liked it.

After this, it was time to put it on the wall. So I projected it on to the wall and lightly put down some pencil lines. I didn’t want both sides to be exactly the same, so this was only to make sure it wouldn’t be completely lopsided.

Then it was time to remove the projection, turn up the music and get started. I used a non-toxic Uni-Posca paint marker to lay down the lines. Other than light pencil markings, this was a very spontaneous free hand painting. I felt it not being exact or completely symmetrical helped it be organic and alive.

Contact me about putting a frame around your ideas or other interior (or exterior) Artistic Muralization!!