The Business of Art

The Business of Art
by: Nicole Patterson

Excerpt from the Twenty-Third issue of Fine Living Lancaster.
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It isn’t very often you find an artist who is able to successfully market his artwork and his ideas. In a world where originality of craft needs to be constantly combined with marketing and advertising for us to even notice or care, Sean Martorana is at the top of his game. I don’t readily associate graphic designers, painters, artists as being entrepreneurs or businessmen, but perhaps I should reconsider the new wave of go-getters—the collaborators who turn reciprocity into profits, and the promoters who use self-awareness as branding and identity.

I visited Sean at his home in Philadelphia one early Saturday afternoon. He has wide eyes and dark hair, and wears a stainless steel four-pyramid double knuckle ring he designed. After walking up three flights of steps and entering his front door, I walked down his hallway filled with thirty or so paintings, piled and stacked like records and hung high on the wall. The first thing that strikes me about seeing his art in person is its primitive nature. It’s a mixture of tribal and graffiti with a little kick of rock n’roll.

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