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Using Indy Hall as My Interior Experiment

I have used Indy Hall multiple times as a way to test certain styles, treatments and overall design. I didn’t want to do the same pillar twice or in the same style. I wanted to hear the reaction of each one. I like to hear […]

A Sticky Deer Head for Your Wall

Another LTLprints artwork for you to order. This time a deer head that’s not stuffed. A movable mural that brings some design to any room.

QBBQ Window Installation

Painting the windows at QBBQ did not just transform the restaurant’s facade, but it played with the sunlight to create moving images that changed throughout the day. Shadows lined the door, tables, and patrons, blanketing the entire restaurant in the artistic experience.

Indy Hall Murals and Interior Design/Curation

When I started working with the community Indy Hall, it was one color walls and the only character of the place was it’s pre-existing architecture and vintage lockers for members personal belongings. Co-founder, Alex Hillman, approached me and basically said, “…feel free to add your […]

Wildbit Mural Installation Concept

Putting the “Wild” in the Wildbit offices. An ongoing project, these Photoshop concept mockups illustrate how large-scale installations can be visually imagined before they’re physically executed. Here, WildBit asked Sean to use large-scale imagery to evoke their flagship product Beanstalk.

Indy Hall Office Wall Concept

I received some rave reviews on my new series that I did (and continue to do) for my show at Cafe Estelle. One in particular is an ink drawing I did of a lion called, Emperor. I have been doing a lot of office and […]

Atlantic City Bar with Custom Totem Pillars

I need to take better pictures but I helped make what was a simple garage into colorful and exciting home bar/ entertainment room in this Atlantic City house. I painted a huge mural (of the owners requested theme) and custom pillars for small wall countertops.